Jacen Cade

Human Cleric of the Raven Queen




Jacen Cade is a tall & imposing figure. At over six-and-a-half feet tall, he towers over most creatures. He is shrowded in a long, black, hooded cloak which always seems to be fluttering even when there is no breeze to be found. At a casual glance, the hood conceals most of his face or casts a shadow upon it so that it is mostly unseen. Any who do gaze upon his face will see his obvious allegiance to the Raven Queen, goddess of death, for upon it is the image of a skull. Seemingly placed there by unnatural means, the image cannot be removed from Jacen’s face. Yet it is not a tattoo nor does it appear to be any sort of paint. To gaze into the eyes of Jacen Cade is to stare into a dark cave on a bitter cold winter night.

Jacen Cade

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