Thunderspire Labyrinth

The Labyrinth under Thunderspire Mountain is what remains of a great Minotaur city known as Saruun Khel. The Minotaurs disappeared over 300 years ago for reasons unknown, leaving behind a vast maze of caverns, stairways, passageways, and chambers of which the Seven-Pillared Hall is just a small part.

The mountain itself juts up amid a wilderness of pine forests and rocky hills. It is the southern bastion of the range of hills and small mountains known as the Old Hills that runs south from Lake Nen almost to the Trade Road.

The Trade Road linking Hammerfast and Fallcrest passes near the mountain, and a winding path from it to the mountain runs for several miles through the foothills. Eventually it ends at what is known as the Minotaur Gate. Those with business in the Seven-Pillared Hall, or just curious or foolhardy enough to explore the Labyrinth, can pass through the Minotaur Gate and follow the Road of Lanterns into the mountain.

In years past travelers and caravans on the Trade Road hurried past the mountain. No one knew when some raiding party, or horror from the Underdark, would emerge and terrorize the surrounding area. The number of attacks has dropped greatly since the Mages of Saruun established control over the Seven-Pillared Hall and the Road of Lanterns.

Minotaur Gate

Road of Lanterns

Seven Pillared Hall

Chamber of Eyes

Thunderspire Labyrinth

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