Nerath Empire

General History

This part of the history of the Nerathan Empire concerns only those parts that affected the Nentir Vale.

As the Nerathan Empire spread, civilization spread along with it. About 300 years ago, human settlers moved up into the Nentir Vale and established the towns of Fastormel, Fallcrest, Winterhaven, and Harkenwold.

Battle of the Nine Brothers

Characters native to the Nentir Vale would know this information through various epic poems and songs recited by bards at fairs and celebrations, and in taverns by elders. Although the events below affected the the Nentir Vale, they took place nowhere near the Vale and therefore all the information is secondhand (and probably somewhat embellished).

Evidently the Nerath Empire slowly disintegrated about 100-150 years ago after most of the Empire’s armies and nobility were killed stopping a vast invasion of a horde of gnolls, goblins, orcs, and demons led by a mysterious gnoll warlord known only as “The White Ruin”. The Empire’s armies fought a punishing campaign to slow the invasion, but were only able to stop it at the Battle of the Nine Sons, where brave King Elidyr, his nine sons, and most of the nobility sacrificed themselves in a glorious charge into the heart of the vast horde. Aided by some divine intervention, the King struck the killing blow against the gnoll warlord after battling him for 9 days and nights in personal combat. Unfortunately, the King was unable to free his sword before he and and the gnoll chieftain were sucked into the Abyss. With their leader gone, the horde was eventually defeated, but the Empire was similarly rudderless after the campaign and slowly disintegrated into various feudal states. Legends say that the King still battles in the Abyss against Yeenoghu, the Demon Prince of Gnolls, and will one day triumph and return to the mortal world to found a new kingdom.

Nerath Empire

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