Triff Hellsink (Red)

Female Tiefling Star Pact Warlock



Mannerisms and Appearance

Slight, doesn’t make eye contact but if she does she stares without blinking. Dismissive, but can be charming in a cold, elitist way. She has a way of putting people off but making them want to be her friend. She does this by being somewhat unapproachable.

Personality Traits

Quiet egotist. She is a Tiefling Warlock, although tortured slightly by the corrupted nature of her race and the possible evil taint that lies hidden in her soul she seeks to better her self and position in life. She has moved in the direction of quick power through the path of the Warlock. She is slightly egotistical due to her actually holding and commanding powers from the nether-regions, however she understands the true horror of the ghastly, inhuman entities who are granting her power and secretly fears going mad should she cross a hidden line and becomes overwhelmed with the knowledge of their true nature.

Triff Hellsink (Red)

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