Devout Dragonborn paladin of Bahamut




Exet’s village was attacked by a dragon when he was a young child. A human paladin of Bahamut that was visiting the village to study the ways of the dragonborn protected him, and aided the village in fighting off the dragon. Unfortunately, the population of village was devastated by the attack, and the remaining survivors packed up their few remaining belongings and set out for other nearby settlements. Having lost his family in the attack, Exet pledged himself to the service of the paladin. The paladin saw something in the young dragonborn, and agreed. He tried to raise Exet in the best traditions of his dragonborn heritage, based on the knowledge he had gathered in his time in the village. Obviously this knowledge was incomplete, and as a result Exet displays some very non-dragonborn behaviors from time to time that surprise those who do not know him.


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