Eärlethon Vaspani

Half-elf Inspiring Warlord




Mannerisms and Appearance

Long braided light brown hair, blue eyes, and scar on his left arm from sparring and having a shield split in battle.

Outgoing and opinionated. Well groomed in an Elven fashion but with the air and swagger of a human warrior.

“Greetings and well met, My name is Eärlethon (pronounced- “AIR-le-thon”), but my human friends call me the Border Earle”

Personality Traits

Very interested in magic and knowledge. A student of history who is well familiar with the wars and campaigns of the time.

Mercenary attitude in the employ of others, yet a loyal companion to those who serve with him or under him. The men come first, then the mission and money in equal parts.


The 3rd child but only son of an Elven witch Ireth Anwarünya and a human mercenary captain Garibald Vaspani, Eärlethon was raised mostly by his mother but aspired to walk in the footsteps of his father who was often away on long missions. One day Garibald did not return, instead the family received his arms and a small sum from his employer.

The loss of his father built in him a determination to triumph against his enemies and a loyalty to his friends and allies. A consummate student of battle, Eärlethon has learned an indirect almost guerrilla style of warfare not unlike that of the border raiders his father had died fighting. In direct situations he is less to anger into hasty conflict but more likely to circle back and deal with his opponents when they least expect it.

Eärlethon’s middle sibling, the fair haired Inarywen had married a lesser human noble and is supposedly living the mundane life of a noblewoman despite quite a bit of knowledge learned from heir mystical mother. Eärlethon himself was a brief student of his mother’s. Despite his martial leanings, he can sometimes harness and focus the energy of his anger in the form of an Eldritch Blast when pressed in battle.

Within a year of his father’s death and seeing her now grown children becoming more distant from her, Eärlethon’s mother left to visit and rejoin her Elven roots. The Vaspani family home was left in the care of the oldest daughter, Thyleriel, who had become the village herbalist.

Earlethon fell into the company of some adventurers and later met an old friend of his father, lord Padraig. In his stories about Earlethon’s father, he describes that he fell while fighting a rearguard action in the Dawnforge Mountains near the dwarven hold of Hammerfast. Their mercenary company was fighting against a goblin horde attempting to breach the passes into the Nentir Vale.

Lord Padraig also mentions that they gathered as many of the bodies as they could and built a cairn to honor the fallen once they were able to regroup and defeat the goblin horde. It is in a pass near the dwarven hold. He makes a copy of a crudely hand-drawn map that he made around that time showing the way to the pass. The company suffered such a high rate of attrition in that campaign that many of the veterans (like Lord Padraig) departed afterwards instead of trying to rebuild the company with a bunch of new recruits.

Eärlethon Vaspani

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