Balgron the Fat

Overweight, slovenly goblin. Leader of the goblins under the Keep.


This fat goblin wears leather armor that bulges from his weight. He has thick, knotty fingers, cruel eyes, and a terrible disposition. He carries a club and a crossbow.

Balgron was the leader of the goblins living under the Keep and assisting Kalarel. He had also double-crossed Kalarel. After his presence became known in certain circles, representatives of the BloodReavers slave gang had traveled to the Keep to offer an alliance with Kalarel. Kalarel, furious at being interrupted and also generally disgusted by the slavers, had the two slavers killed and dumped in the old water cistern room. Not being one to let an opportunity pass by, Balgron and the hobgoblin leaders contacted the Bloodreavers on their own initiative and started passing whatever travelers and merchants that they captured along to the Bloodreavers.

Balgron the Fat

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