Sister Lenora

Pretty but careworn woman in her mid-forties. Almost always garbed in the robes of her order.


A pretty, careworn woman in her mid-forties, she spends most of her time wandering the region around Winterhaven tending to her “flock”, as she likes to call the people that live in and around the town. When not traveling, she can be found holding services in the temple to Avandra in Winterhaven (which is actully more like a shrine). She is almost always either garbed in functional robes or her official priestly vestments. She is also one of Lord Padraig’s advisers.

Sister Lenora had started receiving impending visions of doom several months before the adventurers arrived. To her alarm and distress they grew stronger as the weeks went by, and sometimes left her unable to fulfill her duties. Spurred on by these visions, she entreated Lord Padraig to investigate the area around the town and the Keep. Due to the attacks by the kobolds on traffic on the King’s Road, Lord Padraig was reluctant to tap the limited resources of the Winterhaven town guard (and possibly leave the town vulnerable). Desperate, she sent Brother Gevarn to Fallcrest to find some help.

After the adventurers stopped Kalarel and closed the portal, her visions went away. Grateful for the party’s help, she gifted them with scrolls of Cure Disease and Raise Dead, and taught Red the secrets of Ritual magic.

Sister Lenora

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