Brother Gevarn

Nervous-looking, overweight middle-aged man. Assists Sister Lenora in tending to the spiritual needs of those around Winterhaven.


Brother Gevarn was the catalyst for the party trekking to Winterhaven. He had traveled to Fallcrest at the behest of Sister Lenora to seek aid, since she had been plagued by visions of a terrible evil overwhelming Winterhaven. While in Fallcrest several toughs hired by Bairwin Wildarson caught up to him and were about to “take care of him” when the party intervened. After the last of the toughs had been disposed of, Brother Gevarn convinced the party to accompany him back to Winterhaven.

Brother Gevarn is a nervous, overweight, middle-aged man who is utterly devoted to Sister Lenora and the people of Winterhaven. Although he has no magical powers or ritual knowledge of his own, he is knowledgeable in the priestly rites of Avandra and several of the other gods, and is a great aid to Sister Lenora simply by traveling around the farms in the Winterhaven area and making sure that everyone’s spiritual needs are taken care of.

Brother Gevarn

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