Quiet and serious dark-haired elf ranger.


Ninaran was an elf archer ranger that had lived in and around the Winterhaven area for many years before Kalarel showed up. He regarded the humans and dwarves living in the area with barely concealed contempt, but had a soft spot for Delphina, a fellow Elf. When he discovered what Kalarel was attempting the quickly joined the movement and acted as a second set of eyes and ears in Winterhaven (in addition to Bairwin Wildarson).

He first tangled with the party when they ambushed Agrid and his minions at the Dragon Burial site. He was there to make sure that Agrid turned over the artifact he had discovered to Kalarel. He was captured due to the overwhelming speed of their attack. He refused to provide any information on Bairwin or Kalarel, and was held under arrest in Winterhaven even after Agrid was released. He subsequently escaped when the town guard was called away to deal with the hobgoblin slavers camp that Kip had discovered.

After his escape was discovered, Kip tracked him to his old cabin, and then to the Keep. There Ninaran had raised as zombies a number of the goblins the party had killed, and was escorting them down through the levels of the Keep to hopefully ambush the party. Kip managed to catch up to him and finally dispatch him before he was able to complete his plan.


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