Bairwin Wildarson

A loud, talkative man in his later middle years. Dominates the conversation wherever he goes.


Bairwin came to Winterhaven seven years or so before the party appeared. He had established a shop in town that dealt in all manner of mundane goods, but was also able to procure the occasional exotic item to the delight of the farmer’s wives. His business had not been impacted by the Kobold attacks on the King’s Road like other merchants had been, and this had aroused the suspicions of Thair Coalstriker.

Thair’s suspicions were proved correct when it was discovered that Bairwin was actually a cultist of Orcus and was in league with Kalarel. He had provided a useful front for Kalarel in the town, and was able to funnel supplies to Kalarel and his forces under the Keep. In return, Kalarel had diverted whatever artifacts and trinkets that his forces found in and under the Keep to Bairwin, who then resold them.

After Agrid was captured, Bairwin’s true identity was discovered. When the party confronted him in his shop his nerve broke and he fled to his secret hideout under his shop. There he was killed by the party, and his shrine to Orcus was destroyed.

Bairwin Wildarson

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