Capable Gnome archaeologist and mercenary for hire.


Agrid is a Gnome archaeologist who was hired by Kalarel’s minion Bairwin Wildarson to retrieve the ancient Nerathian mirror that was needed to expedite the rituals to open the rift to the Shadowfell. He traced the mirror to a Dragon Burial site near Winterhaven. Unfortunately for Agrid, Douven Stahl had beat him to it. Fortunately for Agrid, he had more hired help and was able to capture both Douven and the mirror. He was making preparations to deliver the mirror to Kalarel when the party interfered in a daring rescue operation. He pled for his life after the party wiped out his hired help, and was taken back to Winterhaven in chains.

He was interrogated by Lord Padraig, Douven, and the party. After the party left to complete their mission under the Keep, he was able to convince Lord Padraig (with Douven’s help) that he was no further threat and was released. He and Douven were last seen discussing future projects as they walked the Kings Road south to Fallcrest.


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