Douven Stahl

Mentor & father-figure to several of the PC's, he is an adventuring archaelogist.


The party rescued Douven from the Gnome Agrid and his followers at the Dragon Burial Site during their Winterhaven campaign. Several members of the party (Stomper, Bacon and Red) had originally traveled north to the Nentir Vale to discover what had become of him after he hadn’t checked in for several months. Their investigation led them to Fallcrest, and thanks to Brother Gevarn, eventually to Winterhaven.

After his rescue, he gifted an amulet to Red as a token of appreciation. He left Winterhaven hurriedly when he discovered that the party was attempting to close a rift to the Shadowfell that was being re-opened by Kalarel. He figured that it would be more prudent to put some distance between his person and the rift, just in case. He did leave a nice note for the party wishing them luck, though.

He was last seen heading south to Fallcrest on the King’s Road with Agrid, his erstwhile captor, animatedly discussing future expeditions in search of rare artifacts.

Douven Stahl

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