rouge, tall, thin, suspicious, gambler


on-line sheet can be seen here

weapons: Katar (+1 Frost) Short Sword Hand Crossbow kukri

Armor: Blood Cut Leather Armor +1

Magic Items: Safewing Amulet +1


Grew up in Sanctuary, the son of a prostitute who as a little boy needed to steal food to survive. when pursued would hide in pig pens which is how he got his name. his mom’s profession allowed her to provide Douven Stahl with information about travelers and any artifacts they had seen using bacon as a messenger. when bacon was too old and too big to hide in the brothel and in exchange for her years of cooperation in these enterprises, Douven agreed to take in bacon and act as a guardian and mentor. during this time he served as messenger and informant for Douven when he met Stomper


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