The Scouring Of The Vale

November 2008 - Kobold Hall

After clearing the Keep, the adventurers spent a week or two recuperating and training in Winterhaven. Towards the end of this time, a wagon driven by two tough and experienced-looking dwarfs pulled into Winterhaven. They stabled the cart and horses in the town’s stables, and took a meal at the Wrafton Inn. They rebuffed the adventurers’ attempts to start conversation, and went to bed early.

Intrigued, Kip went outside to the stables to check out the wagon. Exet, Earlethon, and Bacon kept watch. Despite some close calls with the guards walking the walls, Kip was able to sneak into the stable. Lifting the heavy canvas tarp on the wagon bed, he found several rolls of green dragon skins. He replaced the tarp, and made his way back out of the stable.

The next morning the adventurers rose early, but the dwarfs had already left for Fallcrest. “There were in a might hurry” stated the innkeeper Salvana. The party set out after them, but found that they were not able to make up time on the wagon. Examining the tracks on the trail, it looked like the the wagon teleported 50 feet for every 100 feet that it was drawn by the horses. The party made the best time it could, and on the second day Stomper ranged ahead, and came upon the bodies of the dwarfs and the ruined wagon in the road. The dragon skins were nowhere to be found. There was a poorly hidden trail leading off the trail south into the forest.

The party followed the tracks into the woods, and after about an hour came upon the ruins of what looked to be a fortified manor. A brief search of the site unearthed a trap door under some carefully arranged rubble, and some stairs going underground.

The party went down the stairs, and encountered some kobolds in a room with a 10’ deep pit with about 4’ worth of a foul-smelling tarry green sludge at the bottom. The party dispatched the guards quickly, broke through a portcullis, and followed a narrow hall to a second room, which turned out to be a crypt. There a longer fight involving more guards and a few dart traps (and a kobold assassin) took a lot out of the party. They barricaded the entrances to the room with the tops of the 4 stone crypts in the room and rested.

The next room had some more crypts, and another pit. The kobolds were waiting for the party, and launched 2 small rocks tied to ropes attached to the ceiling at the party as they entered the room. Both missed, and Bacon (with a boost from Stomper) was able to grab one and swing back across the room. The party spread out and engaged the kobolds. The fight was going well until reinforcements in the form of the kobold warchief and 2 hordes of kobold “civilians” burst through the doors at the far end of the room. Despite taking a lot of damage, the party managed to finally clear the room of all the kobolds. The 2 hordes of “civilians” fled back through the doors the way they had came, running right by Stomper. Much to Bacon and Red’s disgust he tried to parlay with the hordes as they ran away.

The party followed the hordes down the hall, and found a kobold priest and his bodyguards trying to finish a ritual that involved burning the green dragon skins. The room had a large pit in the center, and a raised alcove with an altar. One of the skins was already smoldering on the crude altar and was filling the room with acrid fumes. The “civilians” huddled in a corner of the room. The party engaged the priest and his bodyguards, and quickly killed them. As the priest died the room was filled with a swirling wind as something large starting coming very quickly up the pit. The air temperature dropped quickly, and the party’s weapons and armor were covered in frost. The party started to clear the room as Stomper attempted to pick up both dragon skins and drag them out of the room. He was almost at the entrance leading back down the hall when the white dragon Szatharrax burst from the pit. The dragon attacked Stomper but luckily missed.

A raging fight broke out, but eventually the party prevailed despite Bacon being knocked unconscious. The party was also attacked by the “civilian” kobold hordes attempting to take advantage of the situation. They showed no mercy this time and cut the kobold civilians down.

The party harvested the dragon for it’s claws, teeth, skin and some smaller organs. They also dipped their weapons and armor in the extremely cold dragon’s blood. Most of their equipment shattered, but a lucky few were able to turn their equipments magical. Kip went back down the hall to the room with the pit, and found a crude ladder going down. The pit looked to go down for at least 100’, and had claw marks all the way down. Kip carefully made his way down. At the bottom was a large cavern and another large passageway heading south. Kip also found the rest of the dragon’s treasure, and brought it up.

The party made its way back to the surface, and back to the road. They realized that they were less than a day’s walk from Fallcrest. A plan was formed to send some party members into Fallcrest to get some carts to haul the bodies of the dwarfs, the green dragon skins, the white dragon parts to Fallcrest.



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