The Scouring Of The Vale

One morning in late summer the party is summoned to attend an audience with Lord Faren at the Moonstone Keep. Evidently, one of the villages of Harken Wold had been attacked by a mixed raiding party of humanoids, mostly hobgoblins. A hobgoblin raider had been killed in the attack, but the rest had made off with about 10-12 of the villagers. A ranger from the village had come upon the aftermath of the attack, and had tracked the raiding party and their prisoners to the entrance to the Thunderspire. Unwilling to follow them further, he hastened to Fallcrest to see if any aid could be summoned.

Lord Faren rallies the party to the cause – he will not have slavers operating in the Nentir Vale! The party agrees to travel to Thunderspire and investigate. Lord Faren tells them a little of the history of the Thunderspire. It used to be the center of a minotaur empire called Saruun Khel which fell more than 300 years ago, and consists of a large labyrinth and many ruins. A while ago a band of adventurers, mostly wizards, ventured into the Thunderspire and cleared the upper level of the labyrinth, and secured the road leading into the labyrinth and a main hall. This hall, known as the Seven-Pillared Hall, is the central nexus of all paths leading from the labyrinth and the Underdark up to the surface. The group of wizards, now known as the Mages of Saruun, maintain the hall as a mostly peaceful trading zone where the denizens of the surface and the underdark can meet and exchange goods. Of course they take a cut of all transactions.

The ranger had a amulet on a leather thong taken from the fallen raider. The party recognized it as belonging to the Bloodreavers.

-party develops healing potions, and formulas

-party equips

-Red is asked by Orest to deliver a casket to Gendar in the Seven-Pillared Hall.

-travels for a day to Thunderspire

-enters Minotaur Gate, and makes their way down Road of Lanterns

-a light is spotted down one side passage.

-Red investigates, using shadow walk

-discovers a room with some hobgoblins and a gnoll arguing over the fate of a halfling they have captured

-halfling offers to pay 20gp if his capturers return him to the Seven-Pillared Hall

-gnoll is upset that the capture of the halfling will lead to more attention on their activities than they want

-gnoll and other raiders also argue over failure of recent raids on the towns of the Nentir Vale, especially the failed raid on Fallcrest

-gnoll is from the Blackfangs, and was expecting to pick up slaves. Is upset that the slaves have already been transferred to the Bloodreavers’ main hideout.

-Red, Bacon and Stomper decide to bluff their way in as mercenaries

-the bluff works, until Kip is discovered sneaking up on the room and the gnoll orders the “mercenaries” to attack


-after the gnoll and hobgoblins are taken care of, Stomper frees the halfling, who is named Rendil Halfmoon and lives in the Seven-Pillared Hall

-the gnoll has a blackened fang hanging on a cord around his neck. The others have symbols associated with the Bloodreavers on them

The party travels the rest of the way to the Seven-Pillared Hall, with Stomper insisting on carrying Rendil the entire way. Once in the hall, Rendil gives the party their reward and shows them his aunt’s inn. He also shows them around the hall. The party stables their horses with Bersk the Wainwright.

Stomper, Bacon and Exet head off to the bar run by the half-orc Rothar. There they meet and brawl with Brugg, losing 100 gp to him in the process due to bad wagers. Red makes his delivery to the drow Gendar, and discusses some of the history and topography of the Hall and the labyrinth. They meet later in the Halfmoon Inn for dinner and drinks. Kip recognizes a familiar-yet-unremarkable-looking half-elf lurking in a corner of Rothar’s that for some reason reminds him of the unremarkable-looking human that is Serim’s chief henchman. Earlethon visits the Deepgem trading Co. and meets with Ulthand to see if there are any dwarfs willing to take on engineering work in Fallcrest. There is a disgraced dwarf engineer named Snorri who is currently working as a miner for the company. He is grateful for the chance to redeem himself, and offers to work on speculation. After Bacon, Stomper and Exet get done drinking with Brugg for most of the afternoon, Red and Kip avert another brawl at the Halfmoon Inn by buying Brugg several kegs of beer.

Rendil tells the party how to find the Bloodreavers main hideout, located in the Chamber of Eyes. The Chamber of Eyes is an old shrine to a diety called “The King That Crawls”. After resting until midnight, the party has a early breakfast, gears up, and navigates the labyrinth to the Chamber without incident.

There they carefully enter the first room, which looks like an entry hall. They quickly spot several pit traps hidden throughout the room, and navigate around them. They also hear several goblinoid voices arguing about “dividing the loot from the sale” behind the main double doors. While Bacon, Stomper and Exet attempt to bluff their way in, and then try break down the doors, Kip and Red found an unlocked back door off of a balcony at the rear of the entry hall. They enter, and see a room down some stairs that has some goblins and a bugbear in it. At the same time, Stomper and Exet finally break through the main doors and storm the goblins in the hall outside of the same room.



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