The Scouring Of The Vale

January 14, 2009 - Interlude at Fallcrest

The adventurers had spent two months in Fallcrest training, studying, and becoming involved in the life of the Nentir Vale.

Stomper – after giving a rousing speech to the populace of Fallcrest to rise up and root out evil where they found it, personally tried to set an example by joining the mercenaries guarding the caravans along the Trade Road. He did several trips between Fallcrest and Hammerfast, often in the company of his dwarf friend Grugnir Oakenshield. As part of his development, he decided to abandon the highly-trained and regimented style of fighting that he had learned from his father in favor of a more looser, more flexible style of fighting.

Exet – spent the two months aiding Grundelmar in restoring the temple of Pelor, Bahamut and Kord in Fallcrest to its former glory. Also kept an eye on the growing bandit presence in the abandoned keep known as the Raven’s Roost.

Kip – trained with his raven companion, established a solid link with it and developed several useful combat tactics with it. He also assisted Bacon and Red in keeping an eye on the caravans coming from the south, and foiled several attacks by Serim’s henchmen on caravans with goods bound for House Azaer.

Bacon – retrained in weapons, and helped Red keep an eye on Serim and his henchmen’s comings and goings. Foiled several attacks with Kip on trade caravans from the south. Spent a lot of time down at the docks in Fallcrest and found out about a small gang called the River Rats that seems to employ street urchins for some of its dirty work. Discovered that Serim stores his stolen goods in a warehouse on the docks.

Red – researched her new rituals, and learned how to brew healing potions. Also researched more information on the teleport circle found in the ruined tower on the Island of Waiting. Finally, coordinated efforts to uncover what Serim is up to.

Earlethon – researched new alchemical formulas, and the general history of Fallcrest. Tried to discover origin of the teleport circle found in the ruined tower. With Red, established that there may have been a network of teleport circles linking various locations throughout the Nentir Vale. Spent a lot of time with Lady Allande Markelhay retraining.



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