The Scouring Of The Vale

February 6, 2009 - Gargoyles on the Trade Road

This adventure took place during the two months that the adventurers spent in Fallcrest training, learning, and becoming part of the community.

Along with several other mercenaries, Stomper had been helping to guard the trade caravans that ran between Hammerfast and Fallcrest on the Trade Road. On one such journey, his dwarf friend and fellow mercenary Grugnir pointed out several winged shapes lazily swooping around the peaks in the southern part of the Old Hills near the Trade Road. They were gargoyles, and they harassed any caravan that passed near that was not well armed.

Upon arriving in Fallcrest and leaving the caravan, Stomper took this news to his fellow adventurers in the Vale Wardens, and Exet, Earlethon and Bacon answered his call to investigate. They rode out to the spot on the Trade Road where Stomper estimated Grugnir had pointed out the gargoyles. They rode off of the trail, and into the foothills of the Old Hills. Several hours and a few detours later, the group was at the base of a steep ridge that had a rough sort of steps cut into it in a switchback pattern. The ridge ascended for at least 75 feet.

The party took some rope and tied themselves together, and began the climb. In some places the path was steep and required them to use their hands to continue upwards. In other places it was gradual enough that they could walk. Eventually they reached near the summit and found that there was a small tower another 25 feet up the trail, and set in a little from the ridge’s edge. Earlethon estimated that the tower was at least as old the earliest human settlements in the Nentir Vale.

As the party climbed the switchback trail to the tower for the final 25 feet they were attacked by 2 gargoyles. Exet and Earlethon shielded Bacon and Stomper as they worked on the locked door of the tower. After a few tries, Bacon was able to spring the lock on the door and the party rushed into the tower, surprising the Shadar-Kai witch and her minions. Earlethon slammed the door on the gargoyles, while Stomper and the rest of the party attacked the witch and her defenders.

The fight swung back and forth. Stomper viciously attacked the witch while Exet and Bacon dealt with her Iron Defenders and Shadowhound. Earlethon saw the witch edging for the stairs leading up to the second floor, and moved to block her path, only to be attacked by one of the gargoyles swooping down the stairs. The second gargoyle flew in through the open balcony and attacked Stomper. Exet and Bacon finished off the hound and iron defender, and rushed to join the fight against the witch and the gargoyles. One of the gargoyles, being heavily bloodied, assumed its stone shape and began to regenerate. The other flew away after Stomper chopped down the witch. Earlethon wrapped the stone formed gargoyle in heavy chains, and broke a gluepot over it as a precautionary measure to further immobilize it. As the gargoyle came out of its stone shape and attempted to free itself from the chains, the party worked to heave it over the railing of the balcony and down the cliff. The chains held, and the party was rewarded with the sight of the gargoyle being smashed to bits as it tumbled down the side of the cliff. Not even reverting to its stone shape was enough to save it from the 100 foot drop.



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