The Scouring Of The Vale

First day in Fallcrest.

-Kip and Red enter town to get wagons, while rest of party plunders the dragon for valuable parts, and its hide.

-Red gets a room at the Nentir Inn outside of town, and cleans up.

-Kip continues on into town.

-Kip goes to Lannar Thistleton’s stables and buys two carts with horses.

-Kip goes to the market and buys some fresh food for the party.

-Red meets Serim Selduzar in the common room of the Nentir Inn.

-Erandil Zemoar, owner of the Nentir Inn, recommends Orest Naerumar when Red asks who is the best clothier and tailor in Fallcrest for a new set of clothes.

-Red is warned by Orest that he suspects Serim might be trying to put himself and Amara Azaer of House Azaer out of business by raiding their supply caravans.

-Red agrees to help Orest in discovering what Serim is up to.

-Red charms Serim, and has dinner with him. Learns that he wants to establish a trading company in Fallcrest in order to help restore the fortunes of his family.



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