The Scouring Of The Vale

December 21, 2008 - The Tower of Waiting, Part 2

Having disposed of the undead welcoming committee after landing on the south tip of the island, the party quickly discovered the remains of many other humanoids scattered around the island. The remains were all in various states of decomposition, and many appeared to have fallen while fighting or fleeing towards the south shore of the island.

As the afternoon light was fading, the party quickly fanned out and began to search the bodies. Everybody found several magic items. None of the adventurers went near the ruined tower, though. Unfortunately, the search took longer than the party realized and the sun was truly setting before they realized their predicament (i.e. how to get off the island before the sun set).

Bacon and Stomper started walking northwards along the shore of the island, looking for another rowboat to replace the one that the deathlock wight had destroyed. The rest of the party took several measures to get the attention of the few remaining workers still lingering on the docks of Fallcrest as quitting time approached. Earlethon, Exet and Red built a fire out of the crumbling remains of a boathouse and dock, and Kip tied a note to an arrow promising a reward to anyone who rowed across the river and retrieved the party. He then shot the arrow across the river, and managed to hit the dock without hitting the people that were gathering to speculate as to the cause of the fire.

Having made their way to the northern tip of the island, Stomper and Bacon are ambushed by ghost, but quickly send it back to the Shadowfell. They then hear sounds of alarm from the rest of the party where they left them near the ruined tower, and see the rising flames from the fire. They start running back along a trail that winds through the middle of the island.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was attacked by a horde of undead led by a massive zombie hulk and a mad wraith. Luckily for the party they quickly kill the mad wraith before it can unleash its dazing aura attack. A massive battle ensues. Earlethon quickly is knocked down to minimum hit points and has to quit the melee. Stomper and Bacon join the fight after 2 rounds of sprinting along the trail. The battle is eventually won, but Exet and Kip were both knocked unconscious. Exet was one failed saving throw from dying before Stomper managed to revive him.

Shortly after the party is victorious, a longboat commanded by Lord Faren and crewed by some porters comes ashore at the south tip of the island. Everyone hurries to the boat, except Red who investigates the ruined tower. She does not see much by torchlight, but spots an open trapdoor. While the rest of the party yells at her she descends the stairs and finds a large storeroom under the ruined tower. Finally she loses her nerve and joins the rest of the party in the longboat.

After thanking Lord Faren (who commends the party for letting the seneschal know where they were going), and paying off the porters, the party makes their way back to their respective lodgings. As Red comes upon the yard of the Nentir Inn she sees Serim talking to a figure hidden in the shadows by the stables. She shadow walks over to them, and sees him talking to a nondescript man. The same nondescript man that gave her the tip about the Tower of Waiting in the first place! She also realizes that she saw the same man loitering around the Silver Unicorn inn the night that she and Bacon had dinner with Amara Azaer. She decides discretion is the better part of valor, and does not confront them, but retires to her room.

The next day the party rows over to the island again to see if there is anything more to find. No more attacks, but neither is there any more treasure. Red and Earlethon find a broken teleport circle in the storeroom under the tower.



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