The Scouring Of The Vale

December 11, 2008 - PBEM

Second day in Fallcrest. Player input in italics.

The next morning you all gather at the Temple of Erathis for a ceremony to Moradin jointly celebrated by Grundelmar and Dirina Moonbrow. A good number of the off-duty guard, most of the town’s Dwarven community, the Markelhays, and several of the leading citizens of the town are there.

Of the people that you know in Fallcrest, notably not in attendance are Erandil, Nimozaran, and Armos Kamroth.

You notice that Teldorthan studiously avoids looking at the Markelhays throughout the ceremony. After the ceremony, the bodies are carried to the courtyard of the temple and placed on pyres, and set alight after another brief evocation of Moradin’s blessing. When the bodies have mostly burned away, Teldorthan briefly presses the back of his hand to his eyes, then claps his hands, and announces:

“Right. To the Blue Moon. Let’s celebrate these two boys’ lives properly!”

Most of the assembled party begins to follow his lead and walk back to Lowtown and the Blue Moon. Most of the shopkeepers, and a few of the guard pay their respects and hurry off to attend to their business.

The Blue Moon already has a roast pig and a full buffet spread set up, and beer and wine ready to flow. By the time you get in, you see Lord Markelhay and Teldorthan talking animatedly. Lord Markelhay seems to be pointing to himself a lot and talking, while Teldorthan mostly listens. Suddenly he reaches out and grabs Lord Markelhay in a bearhug, and then grabs two beers and hands one to Lord Markelhay. They toast and drink.

Bacon asks the bar keep for milk, water, tea, coffee…something other than beer or wine.

Some things that you overhear:

“It’s good to see Lord Faren and Teldorthan back on good terms. Like most merchants in this town, Teldorthan was already upset that not more has been done to clear the roads now that it’s summer and the trade caravans are starting up again in full. Then to lose two of his nephews… What a shame.”


“The one thing I don’t understand is why the two boys didn’t wait in Winterhaven for their escort like they were supposed to. They knew that the stretch of King’s Road to Fallcrest was bad, and Teldorthan was going to hire some guards and send for them. Something must have spooked them to try to make the run by themselves. Ah well, I guess we’ll never know.”

Eventually the wake starts to thin out. Assume that it’s early afternoon now. Teldorthan, Lord Markelhay (but not his wife), and the majority of the dwarves are still around. The town guard that attended the ceremony has mostly been replaced by the morning watch coming off duty and going straight to the wake.

To be continued…



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